Germanic Woman’s Vest

“Wow! Where do I begin? Stunning craftsmanship, soft, yet durable leather, nice wooden buttons, stitching is PERFECT. The seller is very helpful in finding the correct size for you. This waistcoat fits like it was custom made for me, and can even be tightened in the back. Accentuates the woman’s figure and does amazing things for my body type. I will take all I can get because I’m not very curvy! These items will last you and it’s unbelievable how they are priced! Will ABSOLUTELY do business again. Danke!” -Cristina


Classic Vest for Men

“The vest from The Preising shop was the first thing to catch my attention. It fits wonderfully, and has enough pockets for minor knickknacks. Plus it looks well enough to wear during regular and some dress social occasions. Just like the volkish belt and waist belt it is of fantastic quality.

The Preising is a wonderful shop and the volkisch belt and waist belt are of fantastic quality and design. Preising himself is very courteous and was very prompt with the order, and the package itself shipped fast.” -Ernest


Germanic Leather Coin Pouch

“So very well and nicely made! It has that genuine leather scent. Love the color of the leather. I’ll be using it to keep parking meter change. It came earlier than expected. You are very nice to do business with.” -Walsh


Child’s Leather Suspenders

“Working with these guys was one of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had. I asked for something that wasn’t listed and they were so helpful and the suspenders for my little boy came out amazing, well made, and the smell of leather reminds me of the old saddle shops I used to frequent as a kid. These people are the real deal and just looking at the suspenders sends a jolt of fear to the modernist movement. Thank you so much.”img_6186