Hay Day – Organic Dairy Farm

These photos were taken in the country side of Viroqua,


Ubatuba – Brazil

Washington State

Bodie – Ghost Town

Mammoth Lakes

Sidie Hollow

Winter of 2018

Glorious Washington State

I have created this five-minute video to show you the glorious Washington State and its beauty. Indeed, the nature of this place is without a doubt a precious treasure that must secured at all costs.

Also, be aware of the large cities. There you shall find ugliness. However, in nature you shall find attractiveness.

In two hours of filming I was able to edit it precisely in a way that would be no more, no less than five minutes.

Enjoy it.

Video on YouTube:


Justin Trails Resort

Photos taken by a drone in February of 2019



Panoramic Photo of a Dairy Farm

Winter of February 2019


Amish Farm in Wisconsin

In the Milk House of an Organic Farm in Wisconsin

2,250 Kg of Organic Milk

The Preising Legacy

These are the leather products I have designed and created with the great help and knowledge of a good friend, Abner Miller, since year two thousand seventeen. What drove me into this new project in my life was the frustration of not finding the neatest leather gear that once our ancestors dedicated deeply for our people, but forgotten somewhere in time. Now, as a European Nationalist, one of my duties is to bring back some marvelous works of the past, and also, the creation of greater ones if that is God’s will.
Thank you everyone who supports what I do in life. If I do this work is because I wish to inspire you into a new journey of your life. As a great man of the past inspired me to struggle for something greater than simply flesh and blood.
My name is Wilhelm Preising and these are my works:

•The Preising Store

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